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Essential Faith

We all need something to believe in now more than ever. For some of us, our struggles seem insurmountable. A sick loved one. A lost job. Declining finances. Overwhelming anxiety. Constant stress over kids or a spouse. Longing for personal connection.

No matter your situation, this quarantine has brought different challenges to each one of us. But how can we possibly overcome all these obstacles by ourselves? The answer is we can’t. We need God. We’ve always needed God. But now more than ever we need to believe that there is someone out there that can take care of us and our struggles.

While we can absolutely read and digest every piece of tips and tricks content that will help us get through this time. Without our faith, our essential faith, it’s going to make it difficult. Let’s take this time to press pause on our busy lives and find or deepen that relationship with God. Give our worries to God. Give our challenges to God.  Not only will we find a way to survive this global pandemic, but it could very well change all our lives.

How do we deepen our faith or find that faith right now? Each of us are different when it comes to strengthening our connection to God. Many of us might think it’s impossible to do without being physically present in our church. But despite the roadblock of not being able to enter inside our church walls, there are still many opportunities for us to strengthen our relationship with God.

Find Stillness. Stillness doesn’t come easy to most of us, but the rewards are incredible. Take time to be quiet with God. Even a few minutes each day to sit still to read scripture, pray or mediate can be life changing.

Learn more. Take this opportunity learn more about the bible, about God, about Jesus. This can be through online church services or join a zoom bible study. It can look like reading on your own or watching Chris each week on Facebook Live as he continues to teach The Bible in 50 Days.

Connect to others. If you’re already part of small group or Sunday morning class, find time to continue to meet online using a video conference tool such as Zoom. If you aren’t part of a group either find one with us or start your own. There is so much you can learn about God by being in community with one another. Wherever you are in your faith journey, we hope that you look for opportunities to lean closer to God. Please reach out to our adult ministry coordinator, jill@cumc.com or our staff at any time to help you connect.