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Ann Lippert: Fit 4 Good

Fit4Good is just what it says. My name is Ann Lippert; I’m on the far right in the picture. The inspirational sermons, wonderful music, friendliness of the members, and the community outreach is what brought Dave and me to Christ United 6 years ago.

In January, I discovered another gem, The Sports + Rec program. More specifically, Fit4Good — led by Ronnie Thompson along with Charles, Holly, Renee and Mike as the phenomenal coaches. 

I was fortunate to meet this group of fitness champions at a pivotal time in my life. Like many of you, my career consists of long hours sitting at my desk. Before I knew it, I had skipped lunch and didn’t attempt to get up to stretch or focus my attention elsewhere. My mundane schedule consisted of working 14-hour days, eating dinner, and going to bed only to do the same thing the next day. During my annual checkup, I was informed that I was in the red zone on weight, pre-diabetic, and diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor advised me to reduce stress, start an exercise program, and change my eating habits. Joining a gym wasn’t an option for me due to the lack of accountability other than the monthly bank account withdrawals. I needed someone to hold me accountable, so I investigated the Sports + Rec programs at Christ United. I found Fit4Good which is FREE with a Sports + Rec membership.

On January 4, 2018, I walked into the gym to find a group of people of various ages doing burpees, lifting weights, swinging ropes and kettlebells. It was intimidating and not easy those first few sessions, but within several weeks, I found I really enjoyed the workout and especially the people. The leaders plan the sessions and demonstrate modifications based on our ability. The one-hour workout starts with prayer, ends with words of encouragement and have a great day. 

This group has been such a blessing to me. Since starting a walking program and joining Fit4Good, I’ve lost 70 pounds. The fitness part is great, but it’s also about our faith, fellowship, and friendship. Come join us and be Fit4Good — we’ll show you the ropes (literally)!