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Dereck Owens: Fitness Peace

Two and a half years ago, my life was full of loss. My father passed away from cancer.  I lost my job as a college advisor while having to take care of him. And shortly after his passing, my grandmother passed away. She was the last living relative on my father’s side. Following all the work of settling my family’s estate, years of neglect and bad habits, combined with several spinal injuries, left my body in a state of being partially disabled.

In this dark time, however, God was not absent and began leading me down a long path that ultimately lead me to Christ United. After spending months in physical therapy and over a year with a personal trainer, I was able to begin a return to a normal life. That is when I developed a strong passion for physical fitness and wellness.

In October of 2017, Pastor Chad invited me to take part in the Savannah internship here at Christ United. I had previously had a career in ministry and over the last year, I prayed often for God to open a door for me and for me to follow God’s will for my life. During the internship, I found Christ United to be a place full of warm, caring people that really cared about serving their community. I was very impressed by all the ministries that took place here.

After finishing the internship, I realized the Sports and Rec Center was the best place for me to utilize my talents and passions. I now work with the Sports and Rec Center as a personal trainer where I have developed a ministry, “Fitness Peace.” I can help others who are on the same journey that I was of finding personal wellness that
includes a spiritual relationship with God and others.

For me, Christ United will always be a place of healing and peace, full of loving people that I am proud to serve and serve with. I have been so thrilled to find a church where I feel accepted and where my gifts and talents have a place as well.