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Carolyn Rush: Good Enough

My spiritual journey was nothing like Paul’s “Road to Damascus” experience (Acts 9:1-9+). Mine began in the cradle by a very devout loving mother. My mother read all the Bible stories to her two children and taught us hymns and Bible verses. We were in our Methodist church every Sunday for all services. We never missed a summer revival or VBS in our small East Texas town. The Methodist church and a Christian home nurtured my life for many years.

During college, I adjusted to a new life, knowing that I still had my Mother’s prayers. Later, my career, marriage, and children, dominated my thoughts and time. My childhood faith changed. I still attended church and participated in church activities, but I realized that something was missing! I felt spiritually disconnected. I had doubts and questions about my faith.

I could never be good enough, do enough! The hymn “ Open My Eyes That I May See” repeated in my mind like a prayer.

My family and I joined Christ United. We have been blessed by the great preaching, the wonderful music, and Christian friends. One night, during Disciples I Class, we were studying Grace (Eph. 2:8-9).  I asked, “Is that all you have to do? I can’t be good enough or do enough to please God?” Margie McNair, Christ United associate pastor, said something like: “That’s it! You can’t do enough. Grace is God’s gift to you, you can’t earn it.”

Christ United provides the opportunities and resources for my continuing journey. As a beginner Bible student, I wanted to learn everything I could about Scripture. The Christ United Library volunteers and I selected and purchased books for our library: commentaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, devotionals, prayers, and children’s books. I have spent joyful years in our library ministry and teaching Bible study. I know these resources can and will enrich the lives of children and adults who enter our church.

Along my spiritual journey, I have learned a great truth. God’s spirit, the Holy Spirit, is as active in our personal lives and in our various ministries today as in the days of old! Romans 12 and Galatians 5:22-26 have become a daily guide for my life.