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Home– Caroline Korst

Posted on: September 18th, 2017

My family joined this church 16 years ago when we moved to Frisco from Wichita, KS. I grew up at Christ United, first in children’s and later in youth ministries. This faith community is where I first understood what having faith meant. My church and my faith have always been important to me, and I absolutely loved my time in the youth program.

Growing up through the church was interesting. Youth attendance had its ups and downs, but everyone always came back again. There’s a reason we always came back to youth: it’s a special program. The people we met, the activities that shaped our faith, and trips we took in mission – all were special.

I made some of my best friends in the youth program at Christ United. We spent time together Sunday mornings at Sunday School, Sunday evenings at Choir and UMYF, and Wednesday evenings at Small Group.

The APPA mission trip, taken every summer in high school, was very meaningful. One week every summer we travelled to a small town and spent time repairing and building for members of the community – not quite the way most high schoolers want to spend a week out of their summer. What made this week especially incredible was the time I spent with the homeowners, with my team, and with the Lord. APPA trips helped me discover my passion for serving others, and for construction.

I wanted to continue this kind of work at college, so I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity at the University of Alabama. This alone, however, couldn’t completely fill the gap that I felt being away from Christ United. I needed a church home, and I joined UA’s FCA group, where I became a small group leader my senior year.

After graduation, I returned home to Frisco to enjoy my first real summer in 10+ years, and to start the job search. I participated in APPA again, this time as an adult. I was reminded of how much I missed that fellowship environment. Cathy Sweeney invited me to lead a Sunday School class for “young adults/college-age.” After thinking about it, I realized it was the next step in my faith story.

I’ve now come full circle in my journey, this time with a little more experience. I did decide to teach that class. Tuscaloosa, and everyone there, will always have a piece of my heart; but Christ United is, and always will be, my faith home. I’m looking forward to living out the next chapter of my faith journey here.