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Please remember to keep in prayer those who have recently lost loved ones:
Catherine Zhu (sister Jennifer Glidden passed 3/5)
Mary Black (father Charles Black passed 3/9)
Terry Sanders (mother Jackie Sanders passed 3/12)
Caitlin Commiato (grandmother Cleo Moseley passed 3/14)
Lori Nguyen (mother Sheila Sullivan passed 3/15)
Leo Grimone (nephew Cole passed 3/16)
John Hunter (father Tom Hunter passed 3/20)

3/18:  private inurnment for the family of Linda Gulick.  The family has offered the following remembrance:

Linda Sue Gulick passed to be with our Lord on February 15, 2021 peacefully in her sleep.  She is survived by her husband Matt Gulick, daughter Chelsea Reed, son and wife Curtis and Frances Gulick, all in the local area, and sister Connie Page of Denver.  She was preceded in death by her father Joseph Oliver Dunham, mother Iva Rosalie Dunham, aunts Nora and Ruth Long.

She was born 11/2/53 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras where her father was Principal of the American School and her mother taught math.  She was born prematurely with no incubator available, and was brought back to the U.S. with her older sister, Connie Lou, by her mother as soon as she was strong enough to travel.  She grew up in Tulsa, OK until her family moved to southern California when she was twelve years old.  She loved ballet and her father drove her 60 miles each way for the best lessons after school.  She graduated from El Dorado High School in Placentia, CA in 1972.  Her later studies included times in Florida, Winnipeg, London, the University of Oklahoma for her undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Ballet Performance in 1975 and the University of Utah for her Masters of Fine Arts in Ballet in 1977.  Her first job was with the Etgen-Atkinson School of Ballet (the teaching school for the Dallas Metropolitan Ballet Company) and met her future husband, Matt Gulick, through a mutual friend May 20th 1978.  A week later they had their first date and they knew it was love at first sight.   They were married in Dallas seven months later on December 17, 1978.  Linda continued her teaching in Dallas and later began teaching ballet at Toby’s School of Dance in Richardson, Hockaday School of Dallas, was Preschool Director at Disciples Christian Church-Plano for 16 years, and taught ballet at Canyon Creek Day School – Plano several years.  The number of young children whose lives were touched by Linda’s dedicated teaching and caring was unmeasurable.

Linda was the artist in the family.  After teaching ballet or directing a pre-school all day she would sit at a table for hours hand painting thousands of items for the craft business she and Matt operated for several years.  She did this without any painting classes.

The Plano Symphony Orchestra was another love for Linda.  She volunteered for the Guild in several capacities over the years, just like her mother who provided the impetus for Matt and Linda’s involvement in those activities soon after moving to Plano and becoming involved herself.  Like mother, like daughter.   Linda’s love of music began with her parent’s influence.  She not only was a ballerina but she played piano, organ, and had a beautiful voice.

Linda and Matt had two beautiful children, Curtis and Chelsea, who have been part of the closest family imaginable.  She supported them in every endeavor they attempted.  She taught Chelsea ballet for ten years.  She chaperoned Curtis’s high school marching band performances.  Linda helped chaperone senior high youth groups on Spring Break ski trips and skied most of the mountains with the kids.  She was so proud of both of them for becoming fourth generation graduates of the University of Oklahoma.  That family increased when Curtis married Frances who became their second daughter.

Eventually Matt convinced her to retire in 2018 like he had earlier so they could travel even more all over the world – their favorite hobby for several years prior to retirement.  They were able to continue traveling even after her diagnosis of Adrenocortical Carcinoma in 2018.  She had multiple passports with additional pages to accommodate the stamps from all of the countries she visited over the years.

This close family is what gave Linda the support and encouragement to continue fighting her rare cancer.  Like her mother she subjected herself to multiple trials of medical treatments knowing her cancer had no cure but hoping her efforts would provide help for other victims in the future.  We know she is now wearing her toe shoes dancing and singing with the angels above, is now happy and in no pain.  We miss you and love you Linda and know we will be united again.