Reverend Don Underwood concluded his his 37th year as Senior Minister of Christ United and is now serving as Pastor Emeritus – Director of Donor Relations. During his tenure, Christ United has experienced rapid growth, as worship and Sunday school attendance have doubled. The church places great emphasis on lay ministry and missions, and Rev. Underwood has been intentional in developing an organizational style that focuses on ministry rather than management. Rev. Underwood received his Bachelor’s Degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and his Master’s of Theology from the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Texas. Rev. Underwood and his wife Bobby have two children, Adam and Joshua. Don enjoys quarter horses, hunting and is an instrument-rated private pilot.

For over 30 years, Don Underwood’s weekly columns have touched hearts and changed lives. They are great reminders of how God is ever present. Visit here if you are interested in receiving these columns each week.

Don’s books “The Long View” and “Pray Like Jesus” are available Amazon.

After more than 40 years of ministry, Don will be retiring in June of 2020.