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A New Start – Tara Rodriguez

Tara Rodriguez

I grew up in church never doubting my Creator and salvation through Jesus. I was very involved in my church UMYF youth program. Admittedly I took this for granted and upon entering college, I kept my beliefs, but did not continue working on my spiritual life.

For years, even into adulthood, I wasn’t active in a church community. Eventually, God’s call to return was too great, and I knew I needed to plug in to a church again.

I knew I was ready to re-engage when I became a parent. I moved back to the Plano area, and that allowed me to find a church close to home. I remembered passing Christ United on my way to work years back and thought to myself, “I’d like to visit that church.” So I did.

My first visit was just as expected; I found no need to visit other churches in the area. My second visit, I brought along Kora, my daughter, and she immediately loved it as well. She’s made so many friends in the children’s program, and I can see her faith journey blossoming, just as mine did at that age.

Christ United is a place where I feel comfortable exercising my spiritual life muscles. Christian fellowship helps so much with my journey. In the last few years I have learned so much – from worship, bible studies, and in the Faith Builders Sunday morning class.

Life had handed me some big disappointments, and working on a relationship with God seemed vital and necessary to everyday living. I’ve felt and experienced the immense mercy and grace our loving Father o ers. I have been called somewhat of a prodigal; I relate to the parable of the Prodigal Son in so many ways. And I didn’t really understand the parable until I, myself, was the prodigal.

Now, I am assured at the end of each day, no matter what has occurred, I am confident that Elohim is working. I believe the “coincidences” are not coincidences at all; they are our Father’s way of showing his infinite love for us. He is the reason I can approach every day with hope in this journey of life. It is through a relationship with Him where every aspect of life will line up as it should be.

My daughter and I are truly blessed.