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Ron Jenkins: Safe, Loved, and Blessed

In the winter of 1983, my wife, my 18-month-old son and 12-year-old daughter moved to Plano. Like most new Planoites, we immediately started searching for doctors and a couple of go-to places to eat. Thank goodness for Chili’s and Fishmongers.

We also began a search for a church home. After exploring a few options, we
ended up at Christ United. I had two questions that I asked before joining: “What did Christ United stand for?” and “Was this practiced in worship and elsewhere?” Christ United had been appointed a new pastor near my age. We clicked with his sermons immediately. Thirty-five years later, he’s a great preacher.

Throughout those 35 years:

• My children were baptized here.

• My son attended Sunday School classes which I led with his sister.
He attended 3 APPA youth mission trips and earned his Eagle from BSA at
Christ United.

• My daughter was married at the church, and her two sons were baptized here.

• My Christ United family was present for my father-in-law’s memorial service and for my mother’s service. At age 12, my grandson Parker sang at the
service with help from Pat Messick.

• A special angel in the form of a church chaplain (you know who you are)
showed up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning for my wife’s three major surgeries.
They prayed and held her hand the whole time.

• When I had knee replacement surgery, Marylin Smith and her husband Paul brought us the best pot roast ever. Knee surgery really stinks, but Marylin’s pot roast almost makes it worth it.

• I love my pals at church golf, but we need some ladies to join.

My family has so many memories over the last 35 years…Turkey Dinners,
Christmas Eve Candlelight Services, and the first House on the Corner when I worked side-by-side with my son. Now, with my grandson Jack, we continue a tradition of church camp in the spring, Upward Basketball in the winter, and eating at every food truck event. Next year, I hope to introduce my grandson Parker to the magic of APPA.

I have learned so much over the years at Christ United about our spiritual journey.  But most importantly, I know how we feel when we attend Sunday services…safe, loved and blessed. We hear Don’s simple message that God is, or God isn’t. I’m so glad that my family believes “God is.”