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Care Snack Pack Project

Help us provide for people who are homeless or food insecure! You are making a difference by just providing food and a comforting note to someone who is in need. Whether it is for someone who is food
insecure or a frontline worker who doesn’t have time to stop for nourishment, your snack pack may just be what they are needing to keep going. We hope that this project will be informative, reflective, be
meaningful, and will provide you with an opportunity to serve others.

Snack Packs Project:

Each snack packs should have:
• 1 protein
• 1 carbohydrate (I like to do a salty and a sweet)
• 1 note/message
• Ziplock bag

Before you write a message take a moment and think about the person that will be receiving the snack pack. Think about what they might be going through. Think about what message, Bible verse, quote, or picture you would want to share with someone who: may be living on the streets, may have addiction problems, may have mental health issues, may be discouraged, may have been kicked out of their home, etc. What do you want them to know? What do you want them to feel? Finally, say a prayer for them.

Stats to share for people who are homeless or food insecure:
• 1 in 6 people in North Texas is food insecure and doesn’t know where his
or her next meal is coming from
• 1 in 5 children in North Texas are food insecure
• Samaritan Inn is our only emergency homeless shelter in Collin County
• There are approximately 160 residents living at Samaritan Inn on any
given day. They turn away people every day.
• The average stay at Samaritan Inn is 215 days.

If you completed some at home-
Please take a picture of the packs and yourselves and forward to lauren@cumc.com so that we can share it with our Christ United Facebook opportunity.

Drop Off

Care Snack Packs can be dropped off at the Serving Other’s Shelving in the Atrium.


Reach out to betsy@cumc.com if you have any questions! Thank you for your service!