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Sunday Morning Volunteer Opportunities

The following areas of ministry are in need of volunteers. For more opportunities, you can visit our Volunteer page or Serving Others page.

COMMUNION SERVERS:   All service hours. Serve communion during a worship time on the first Sunday of a particular month. A great opportunity for your Sunday school class or small group. Contact Diana Wright.

USHERS:  All service hours. Greet worshipers at the beginning of service, assist with locating seats, and assist with collection. Contact Traci McHenry.

GREETERS: Smiles needed to greet people for our Sunday mornings services. If you would like to help, please contact Diana Wright for more information.

WELCOME DESK: Your help is needed during the 11 AM worship service. Answer phones and direct worshipers to the Sanctuary, etc. Choose whichever Sunday of the month that you would like to help. For more information, contact Diana Wright.

THE JEEP: Children’s Ministry needs help manning the Jeep check-in station on Sunday mornings. Contact Meredith McBride if you can help.