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Ways to Connect with Christ United:
  • Email – Subscribe to our Snapshot to get the latest info and updates, and subscribe to Faith in :50 to get your weekday dose of inspiration and encouragement
  • Social Media – Help us keep an encouraging and connected online community going by commenting and joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram
  • Text MessagingJoin our text messaging service to get instant updates and links to details about what is to come
  • Submit Prayer Requests – We are praying for all our community at this time, but please don’t hesitate to ask for prayers for yourself or others in your life!
  • Call Our Care Line – For urgent care needs, even after hours, call our care team: (972) 596-4303 + option 8

Ways to Help:
  • Give – We are planning and preparing to support our congregation and community however we can. Your generosity throughout this time will allow us to accomplish those goals. You can start of continue giving online HERE.
  • Share + Engage – As people stay home more and help along the process of minimizing infection some may feel isolated. This is the perfect time to reach out with a friendly phone call to your church friends and connect. Social media is also a great way to share a connection. Help us by joining the conversation on our posts and pages so that those who are isolated might not feel so alone!
  • Pray – Please be with us in avid prayer for our community, servant hearted medical professionals, and for world wide peace and healing for those effected.


Information directly from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) – is safest when trying to decide how to prepare, stay safe, and be aware of any existing risks. They have a full summary of details and helpful information here. Remember to only use trusted and vetted sources of information when taking medical advice, many shared articles on social media are not credible.


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