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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Our Youth Ministry is the vibrant group it is today because of our dedicated volunteers and parents who help it all happen. The ministry of our department would not be possible without the support, mentorship, and love that our volunteers provide. Join our team of volunteers, and help us create safe and God-filled spaces for our students.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Kenzie at kenzie@cumc.com. 

Ways to Volunteer:

Youth Sunday School Leader – Sundays 9:30 – 11 AM
Help teach one of our grade-level youth classes. Teams of teachers prepare and teach lessons while others are a helpful adult presence in the classroom.

Sunday Night Youth Leader – Sundays 4:45 – 7:15 PM
Be a part of our lively Sunday Night Youth programming which includes fellowship, worship, and lots of games. Leaders watch, play, and facilitate large group games and also lead small group time.

Snack Supper Adult Volunteer – Sundays 4:45-5:30 PM

Teams of 2 to 6 adults prepare and serve food to the students on Sunday evenings at 5 PM. Many parents enjoy spending time with one another by volunteering in the kitchen. If you would like to volunteer please contact Tracey Dry or sign up here!

Adult Youth Trip/Activity Chaperone – seasonal

Chaperones are always needed to attend events and trips with the group!