Ann Lippert: Fit 4 Good

Fit4Good is just what it says. My name is Ann Lippert; I’m on the far right in the picture. The inspirational sermons, wonderful music, friendliness of the members, and the community outreach is what brought Dave and me to Christ United 6 years ago. In January, I discovered another gem, The Sports + Rec program. […]

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The Wilson Family: We Will Serve the Lord

When our girls were 2 and 4, Tina told Theo that the family needed to start going to church. She decided that if we were going to wake up early and get dressed up, that we were also going to attend Sunday school classes. The extra hour devoted to more than just worship on Sunday […]

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Carolyn Rush: Good Enough

My spiritual journey was nothing like Paul’s “Road to Damascus” experience (Acts 9:1-9+). Mine began in the cradle by a very devout loving mother. My mother read all the Bible stories to her two children and taught us hymns and Bible verses. We were in our Methodist church every Sunday for all services. We never […]

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Jim Paddock: Twenty Years

My job brought me to DFW in 1995. I was unfamiliar with the area as I searched for a church to continue my faith journey. I met a young lady who reminded me of my daughters, Stephanie Randall. She worked in a hair salon and was cutting my hair one day. I told her I […]

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Marlene Williams: Invite One

Her name was Janice Nelson. She lived two doors away and was my best friend. One day, when we were in kindergarten she invited me to go to Sunday School and church with her family. My parents did not attend church but gave permission for me to accompany Janice. Every Sunday for a year, I […]

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God’s Love in the Nursery – John Strickland

I was born in Coleman, TX on the floorboard of a car on a very cold December day. After living in many small towns, we moved to Abilene. Because we were not a ‘church-going family,’ I didn’t really grow up knowing a lot about God until I started dating my wife, Kathy. Over the years, […]

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Starting Over – Kris Houtz

My name is Kris Houtz, and I’ve been a Christian since I was a teenager. At least, that’s when I accepted Christ. My real journey started when I was 30. I was in the Army, and I was going through quite a bit of change in my life. My job was stressful. My marriage was […]

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A New Start – Tara Rodriguez

I grew up in church never doubting my Creator and salvation through Jesus. I was very involved in my church UMYF youth program. Admittedly I took this for granted and upon entering college, I kept my beliefs, but did not continue working on my spiritual life. For years, even into adulthood, I wasn’t active in […]

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Making God the Focus – Heather + Dave Murphy

My wife, Heather and I were both raised in the Catholic church and attended Catholic schools through 8th grade. We both came away from that experience with a feeling that we were told what to believe rather than choosing and understanding what we believe. Church and organized religion really didn’t provide a positive experience for […]

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Family Values – Debbie Dobbs

My relationship with God began in a small Southern Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi. When I was growing up, Sundays consisted of church followed by a day of family time together. During that time, all stores and restaurants closed on Sundays. Weird, huh? But looking back, that’s where the importance of family was instilled in […]

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